Everything you need to know about the cards

Will you nerf or buff cards?

No. Since we can't even really do that. The cards are created by the players and we can not influence that. The only thing we can do is not allow certain cards. However, this is unnecessary since MarbleCards modifies cards to the extent that cards violate leased law.

If you find a card that is offensive or inappropriate for minors, please contact MarbleCards. 

So far it has not happened that a card was completely removed from the game.

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I can sell cards for real money?

If you own a MarbleCard, it's your cards. You can offer this card on any marketplace that supports the Matic Blockchain.
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What types of cards are there?

At the moment there are different types of cards. Genesis, Origin, Edition, and regular cards. In addition to the types of cards, there are also properties that can make a card more valuable. Each card has a level and can also become gold.

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What are Genesis Cards?

Genesis Cards are the first cards created in Marble Cards. There are 33 Genesis Cards in total and there will never be more.

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What are Origin Cards?

Origin Cards are the first cards created in Marble Cards, too. But unlike the Genesis Cards, these cards were created after the Genesis Cards. In total there are 966 Origin Cards.

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What are Edition Cards?

Edition cards are special cards that have a special background. This background is not determined by the algorithm but was created by an artist.

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What are Gold Cards?

When creating / marbling a card, the card can get the gold status. Only a few cards receive the gold status and it is determined randomly during the creation of the cards. Depending on the Collection ID the chance is different.

That means:

  • Collection ID 1 - 100 = 25%
  • Collection ID 101 - 1000 = 5%
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What are Phoenix cards?

Phoenix cards are the first cards created on the Polygon Blockchain. There are 330 Phoenix cards.

MarbleCards decided to use the Polygon Blockchain (L2 Layer) because the ETH Gas costs were so high that the creation of cards on ETH was not profitable anymore.

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What are GEN0, GEN1 or GEN2 Cards?

Each card is created in one generation. GEN is, so to speak, the generation of the card. At the moment there are 3 generations. GEN0 to GEN2.

  • GEN0 = Card ID 1 - 24999
  • GEN1 = Card ID 25000 - 99999
  • GEN2 = Card ID 100000 and higher


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How does my card get an Achievement?

MarbleClash is designed to extend and support the Marble.Cards universe. In Marble.Cards you can have your cards compete in arenas.

Each arena has its own milestones (seasons). When such a Season ends, the top voted cards will receive an Achievement. I.e. your card must have been voted good in the arena over a longer period of time.

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