Learn the Basics of the Cards

Of course, to build a good deck, you need to first consider what attributes a card can have and what attributes are crucial to include. There are attributes you can change, attributes that are randomly generated, and fixed attributes that are set on card creation.

This is important for the beginning if you want to buy cards. 

Eg. For MarbleClash it makes little sense to buy a card with a Collection ID higher than 1000 because you can't change the Col ID afterward. For card level the opposite is true. If you get a card quite cheap because it has a low level (i.e. 20), you can buy it and increase the level by spending XP.

So, what are the attributes that are important for MarbleClash?

  • Level
  • Cards ID
  • Collection ID (Col ID)
  • Title Rows
  • Title
  • Network
  • Gold Status
  • Labels (there are different ones)
  • Achievements
  • Generation

Let's take a closer look at the individual attributes. 


Each card has a level. In MarbleCards a card can go from level 1 to 100. Level 100 is the maximum and has a good chance to perform well in MarbleClash; so you should have a level 100 card in your deck.

Normally, when you create a card, this card gets a level between 20 and 90. This depends on a few factors. One is the popularity of the URL and the other is luck. You will quickly notice that the level is often between 30 and 70. Everything above level 60 is very good and if you get a level 75 card, the URL must be very popular.

The great thing about the level is that you can increase it. Reducing is not possible but increasing is. To increase the level you have to earn XP via MarbleCards. This is done by voting in the arenas. The more you vote, the more XP you get.

Card ID

Card ID is probably the best-known attribute besides level. The Card IDs are distributed incrementally. I.e. when you create a new card, the card gets the next ID in the sequence.

So if you want to have a card that has a small ID you have to buy it from someone. Of course, there are more possibilities, have a look at the MarbleCards Discord, often old cards are raffled here.

Collection ID

Each card has a collection.

  • A collection is basically the domain to which the card URL belongs.
  • Think of the collection as a group to which the card belongs.

Like the Card ID, the Collection ID is incremental. But starting from the last Collection ID. So there may be cards with small Collection ID and high Card ID.
New collections are periodically released on MarbleCards so it is still possible to make your own low Collection ID cards if you join launch events.

A small Collection ID should be below 100 for top games. For beginner games, this is of course a bit higher.

Title Rows

Each card has a text. As you can quickly see, not all cards have the same number of rows of text. The number of rows can vary between 1 and 3. So your deck should have a card that covers each number of rows once.


Each card has text which appears on the lower portion, this is called the card Title. The Title is important because there are different requirements a card has to solve.
Requirements like: "Must contain letter ??", or "Must contain the number ??", can appear in MarbleClash quite often. Therefore, make sure that every letter or number in your deck is covered.


In MarbleCards, cards exist on the ETH Chain and the Matic / Polygon Chain. 

Gold Status

Certain cards in MarbleCards have a special status called Gold. This status is randomly assigned when a card is created. So you can't influence it and the gold status is mostly random. Depending on the Collection ID the chance is different.

That means:

  • Collection ID 1 - 100 = 25%
  • Collection ID 101 - 1000 = 5%


The label attribute is probably the most complicated attribute a card can have. Labels are often dependent on several factors.

The following labels exist:

  • genesis (cards from 1 - 33)
  • origin (cards from 34 - 999)
  • phoenix (cards from 60518 - 60847)
  • signed (A signed card)
  • edition (A special card made by an artist - extremely rare)


At this moment MarbleCards is in generation 2. A generation is basically abbreviated with GEN.

  • GEN 0 - cards from 1 to 24999
  • GEN 1 - cards from 25000 to 99999
  • GEN 2 - cards from 100000 - now


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