All questions concerning gameplay and rules

Is there a tutorial on how I play?

The first thing you should do is put together a deck. How to do that exactly is explained here:

A good explanation of how the game works can be found here:

The whole thing will now be worked out in the next weeks and months and you will then find tutorials how what exactly works. If the links don't help you, just have a look at the Discord. We are happy to help.

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Do you host any tournaments?

Tournaments are also organized from time to time. Often tournaments are combined with an event to make the whole thing a little more fun. For example, you can imagine a Halloween tournament. The prizes and cards often have something to do with the event.

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How many cards does a deck need?

A MarbleClash deck must have exactly 10 cards

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What is a req?

A Req (Requirement) is a task that a card must fulfil in the game.

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What card requirements in a round are there in the game?

There are a number of different requirements that a card can meet.

Sorted alphabetically:

  • Achievement Yes
  • Card Attribute Gold
  • Card ID
    • Card ID Above
    • Card ID Lowest
    • Card ID Highest
    • Card ID Under
    • Card ID Closest
  • Card Level
    • Card Level Highest
    • Card Level Above
    • Card Level Closest
  • Card Title Number of rows
    • Card Title Number of rows 1
    • Card Title Number of rows 2
    • Card Title Number of rows 3
  • Collection ID
    • Collection ID Under
    • Collection ID Lowest
    • Collection ID Closest
  • Collection From (list to big)
  • Contain Letter [A-Z]
  • Contain Number [0-9]
  • Generation
    • Generation GEN0
    • Generation GEN1
    • Generation GEN2
  • One of the Card Labels
    • origin, genesis, phoenix, signed, edition
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