All about the game and the creators of MarbleClash

What is MarbleClash?

MarbleClash is the first NFT card game based on MarbleCards. MarbleClash offers you the possibility to play against other players with your MarbleCards!

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Why MarbleClash?

Since I ( dehenne ) am a big fan of MarbleCards, I have grown more and more into the community. In the beginning, MarbleCards were only meant for collecting and you couldn't do much with the Cards. Collecting and competing in arenas plus playing something in Discord, was all that you could do with MarbleCards.

But since they are cards, in my opinion, you should also use them for playing. During the Christmas holidays, I built a first test version which I presented to the community.

The goal from the beginning was to support the MarbleCards universe and to give the cards another reason to exist. After 4 months of free time development and the first tournament, the MarbleCards team offered their support in the form of funding, ideas, and further support.

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What is MarbleCards?

  • It’s a way to create and trade unique digital cards based on URLs
  • Every web page can only be marbled once and by one person only
  • Once a card is created, that URL is claimed forever
  • All Marble cards are non-fungible tokens built on Ethereum or Matic /Polygon Network

You can find more information under

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What devices can I use to play MarbleClash?

MarbleClash is a web-based game. That means you can play MarbleClash with any major browser.

Currently, the game is supported only on desktop computers. However, the mobile version is definitely in the works and soon you'll be able to play MarbleClash on your smartphone on the go!

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Do I Have to understand Blockchain or the ETH or Matic Network?

Not at all. However, it makes it easier for you. Basically, you just need to understand how the cards get into your wallet. Then you can start playing.

You need to know how to get cards and how a wallet works. If you need help with this just have a look at our Discord server. there are a lot of people here who are happy to help you.

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Where can i learn more about the game?

We have written several guides that go deeper and more in-depth into the game. Here you will get tips and explanations.

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Why does my name not appear in the league?

You need to give your user a username. MarbleClash gets its usernames directly from If you don't have a username set, please go to and set a username. If you have done that and your user still does not appear, please contact dehenne on the Discord server

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Is there play to earn?

MarbleClash gives you something to play MarbleClash. How cool is that?

The prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • Every day you have a chance to get 4 MBC
    • For one win you get 2 MBC
    • I.e. if you have two wins in one day you will get 4 MBC
  • I.e. a Season lasts 2 weeks, so you have the chance to get 56 MBC just by playing MarbleClash.
  • All payouts are made after the league ends
  • All payouts are made by MarbleCards and not from MarbleClash
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